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Last week, I shared Part 1 for the 6 hacks and the correct mindset to stay motivated as an independent artist during challenging times. 

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Part 1 Here... 

So, last week we touched on understanding the 'BIG Why' we do this as music artists, being a Perfectionist, Fearing the Unknown, and how that can block your creativity.

In this post, I wish to discuss a few other major areas that may be blocking or hindering us during these challenging times. Again, I speak from only my personal experience. 


The Procrastination Monster is common among independent music artists. 

6 hacks for musicians - Nick Barrett Music

Examples of excuses we tend to create would be; 

“I need to finish my album, but I can wait until next month to finish. I still got time.” 

Next month comes around, and guess what? The project gets delayed again by another month. 

The flip side to this would be; 

“I know I got to launch this new music project, but I feel I don’t have enough TIME.” 

This again is another form of procrastination. I get it, life can get in the way sometimes, but time? There’s ALWAYS enough time.. try getting up 1 hour earlier and chip away at the project bit by bit.. 1 hour per day is worth way more value than if you were just working 30 minutes on the project every 6 months… TRUST me! CONSISTENCY is KEY! 

Another example; 

“I can't perform at live shows because I feel I'm not quite ready yet.” 

I think some artists when starting for the first time may feel this would be the case. But unless you play live how can you make those valuable mistakes so you can learn? This is how you grow. 

You can always share your music on a live show from your mobile phone at any time. It couldn't be easier for you! This could be a form of being a perfectionist, having to have everything in a place deemed as 'PERFECT' before going live with your fans or whoever wishes to watch you. (We went over this in more detail in Part 1). 

Do you see how sneaky this particular procrastination monster can be? Procrastination will always try and convince you to wait on the action, rather than act 'on the action'. 

Or, maybe the inner critic will try to sway you and tell you that you have all the time in the world, and it's ok to just sit around and do nothing, expecting FATE to eventually knock on your door with a recording contract! 

TRUTH is as ARTISTS, no one is coming to save you! So, stop waiting and make SHIT happen regardless of what results you fear may or may never come. We create our music because of the love for it, if something bigger happens in the future, then that's a bonus! 

6 hacks to stay motivated - Nick Barrett Music

Putting in the work as much as we can is key so our music can be heard to bigger and bigger audiences. It works incrementally, what was once just your mum listening and close friends and family, now becomes a handful full of fans, and so on. 

In the meantime, work on your art, and ignore that inner procrastinating critter! Gaining one extra fan every single day who genuinely appreciates your musical art is worth more than nobody ever hearing from you due to procrastination. 

Small steps every day goes a long way, so start perfecting your self-discipline skills as it will all eventually pay off in the end. Try to not see this is a huge mountain. Instead, see it as a life long journey that is to be enjoyed and not just for an end result. When you reach the top of that BIG mountain, guess what, there's another one in the distance to climb...It never ends...

and so, make sure to enjoy every step ahead of you my friend. 


I am certain that almost every independent music artist has felt the need to compare themselves to another artist from time to time. I know I have. Comparing yourself to others can serve as a negative companion or a positive one depending on your perspective. 

6 hacks for independent artists - Nick Barrett Music

This is not to be confused with a music artist you aspire to be like or give respect to, like Usher, Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift for example! 

Having artists you look up to and feel inspired from is how the music within us works.. and this has been the norm since the beginning of time.

Generation after generation of artists has been inspired by another famous musician at one time or another. As a result, leaving a massive impact on musical history and leaving their distinct mark for others to follow. Then the next generation of artists takes over from that similar inspiration and evolves the music over time ready for the next generation. It’s music evolution. It's how we evolve as music artists. Look how Michael Jackson inspired others for example (to put it lightly). 

6 hacks for musicians to stay motivated - Nick Barrett Music

You see music is all interconnected. The important factor is, what unique spin will you add on top of this inspiration from your favorite artists? 

If you only aspire to be a replica of an artist, then sadly you will always be at the mercy of comparison. It's all about finding your own unique "MUSIC ID Blueprint" that is unique to you and you alone. What makes you, you as an artist. 


Well, that wraps this post up! Let me know in the comments below if you found this post useful in any way, and be sure to share your own experiences. I would love to hear from you!

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